Last update: Oct/22/2022



How are you?
I wrote down this English page to propagate this site to the world.
The meaning of the word "henteko" is, for example, strange, odd, funny or amusing... (this description may defy comprehension)
If you have Japanese literacy, I recommend you to see the original page.
And I'm going to extend English contents as well as the originals.
Excuse me for my poor English skill, and I hope I make myself understood.

If you don't mind manuals and user interfaces are written in Japanese, not English, you can download and use my handmade application software for FREE.

And then, my "River City Ransom" and "Touhou" arrangement game "Nekketsu Kouha Marisa-kun - Downtown Madou Monogatari" (but incomplete and also Japanese only) is here.
Note: Touhou is a Japanese DOUJIN game fashion. The original is a third-position barrage shooting game.

To contact me, please send e-mails to s.k@w@moto2307ay@hoo_co_jp (against spam, please exchange '.' and '_', and '@' and 'a').

Suguru Kawamoto